About Company

Welcome to Amana Plast

  • Amana Plast was established in 1985 as a leading company in the plastic packaging industry.
  • The company evolved among the years to formalize its current technological status and advance standards to be the best in class in the Egyptian and International Market, in terms of productivity and product quality.
  • The company currently produces 400 tons of packaging plastic materials per month with the aim to meet seamless customer quality requisitions in the highest quality standards.
  • We are currently at the forefront of addressing the African and Arab companies markets as part of our expansion plan. In the mean time we are in the process of opening a market in the north American continent.
  • The high-tech factory machinery with a production area of 6000 square meters, and also the 120 highly trained workers, the company aims to insurance customer requirement.
  • The customer is our main pillar and target, thus his satisfaction and his vision are the basis of our road map to success.
  • Our business was founded on and determined by the three keywords with quality, style and durability.

Company Products

  • Printing all types of packaging material (Rolls – Bags) up to 6 colors
  • Printing of all packaging materials (rolls _ a multi-layered bags _ bags printed up to 8 colors).

  • Manufacturing rolls of polypropylene and polyethylene low with high-density.
  • Manufacturing and printing shrink rolls and bags up to 6 colors.
  • Manufacture and printing of bags and rolls and bags shrink up to 8 colors.

  • Manufacturing of alastairc for all size.
  • Heavy bags for packing building materials and fertilizers.
  • All materials of rolls and bags for fresh and frozen vegetables.
  • materials of rolls and bags Chicken(round and freeze resistant).
  • Bags for packing of the Supermarket and warehouse bags.
  • Customized bags with or without self-adhesive seals in all shapes and sizes.
  • Packaging bags for underwear and shirts.

Amana Plast company welcomes all shops and companies requiring high quality in the best prices.